Map of Uladh's major regions and settlements. Blue lines represent borders of Ulaid-claimed land. Red lines represent borders of Aliech-claimed land. Black lines represent the impassable Barricade.

Uladh is the westernmost continent of Erinn. Though it is vastly outmatched in size by Iria, it is far more populous. There are two major political factions who control Uladh: the Aliech Kingdom in the west and the Ulaid Kingdom in the east.

Geography Edit

Uladh is a temperate continent comprised primarily of grasslands and forests. Since the massive Fomorian Invasion several years prior to the present day, the continent has been divided into two regions: the Highlands, north of the Barricade, and the dangerous and uninhabited Lowlands, south of the Barricade. Most of Uladh's settlements exist in the valleys situated between the continents countless mountain ranges. The tallest of these ranges is the Antrim Mountains, home to the highest peak in Erinn: Mount Killaraus.

Uladh's Highlands are heavily forested and experience near constant precipitation.

Uladh's Lowlands are considerably more warm and are more diverse in terrain. Though the Blago Prarie, once home to Uladh's finest vineyards, is more reminiscent of the continent's northern regions with its cool climate, the remainder of the Lowlands couldn't be more of a stark contrast. The abandoned city of Emain Macha sits on the swampy shores of Lake Sen, surrounded by dense vegetation and marshland. Further east, the Sen Mag Plateau still bears the scars of a great battle that took place there thousands of years ago. Near the eastern coast lie the badlands south of Dunbarton which once connected the city to Bangor, a deserted mining town.

Politics Edit

Two major political groups are vying for control of the continent. In the west, the long-standing Aliech Kingom rules from their capital city of Tara. In the east, the newly formed Ulaid Kingdom rules from their capital city of Dunbarton. The two have been locked in conflict, both military and diplomatic, for well over a decade since the secession of Emain Macha reformed the ancient and defunct Kingdom of Ulaid.

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