Dunbarton's residential district.

Dunbarton is a large city located in central Uladh. It is the capital of the revived Kingdom of Ulaid and home to King Ailin, who rules from the Stone Palace in the city's central district. Since Emain Macha's destruction by the Fomors, Dunbarton is the second largest city in Erinn, outmatched only by the Aliech capital of Tara.

Geography Edit

Dunbarton resides in the temperate grasslands of central Uladh. Surrounded by farmland, the city produces more wheat than any other. The city's positioning in the heartlands of Uladh makes it a hotspot for trade caravans and commerce.

History Edit

Several hundred years before the present day, Dunbarton was almost completely destroyed by the marauding forces of the now-defunct Kingdom of Neagh. Since then, the city has been entirely rebuilt and nothing of the original remains.

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